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Part 2 sales:More items added

B38 RM22-(50%)

B39 Elektra-rm49-(50%) Sold


B41-Value buy rm15!!

B42-rm60-50% - Sold


B44 Value buy rm10!!!Sold

B45 Value buy rm10!!!Sold

B46 rm20-50%

B47 rm49-50%-Sold

B48-Value buy rm10

B49-rm49-50% Last pc!

B50 Chiffon rosette with pearl clip-rm20-50%


B54 rm12-50%Sold
B55 rm12-50%Sold
B56 rm12-50%
B57 rm12-50% Sold
B58 rm12-50% Sold

B59 Herve Leger inspired dress rm52-50% Last pc in this color(below) 

B60 Floral bodycon dress m49-50% Last pc

B61 YSL tee- rm45-50% Sold out

B62-rm19-50% Sold

B63 Sailor peplum dress rm49-50%
u neck(sold)
v neck (navy & pink only)

i might hv miss out some items to add under this SALE so do check with me if ur interested in any of the previous items.just wanna clear some stocks to make way for a very interesting "project" ^p*

FOC delivery for purchases above rm50!
B1-Toga diamantee dress-rm52(50%)-Sold

B2-Bodycon floral dress-rm49(50%)Sold

B3-rm45(50%) Sold

B4-Nautical -rm18(50%)Sold

B5-Origami dress -Sold
L 33 / B 32 / W stretchable

B6-Polka dot tunic-Value buy rm10!!Sold out

B7-rm55 (50%)


B9-Metallica-Silver,raspberry,gold -rm50(50%)

B10-Tulle dress-black & cream-Sold

B11-Shoulder pad leopard blazer rm55(50%)Sold

B12-Jersey Girl rm49 (50%)Left one black

B13-Pink racerback - Value buy rm10!! Last pc

B14-Juicy Couture bracelet -rm49

B15-Bib necklace-rm10 Value buy!Sold

B16-Emillio Pucci inspired dress-Value buy rm12!!Sold out

B17-Gold sequin shoulder dress  rm62-50%Sold

B18-Princess Lea-Value buy rm10!!!

B20-Power shoulder top-white rm35(50%)

B21-Bow scrungy rm9 Sold

B22-Marc Jacob inspired studded bag -Value buy rm29

B23-Studded diagonal vest -Value buy rm10!!Sold

B24-Fever skirt L size-rm52(50%) Last pc


u top -rm49(50%)-Sold out

B26-Crystal bow ring-rm79(50%)

B27-Tik tok-white rm49(50%) Sold

B28-Zipper pants-Value buy rm15!!Sold out
sorry for the harsh lightings
Size M :37 inches (length),front rise(crotch area 7.5), back rise (10.5), waist is 21 before stretching and can go up to 27,hip is 32.
Size XL:the length is the same which is 37 inches,hip is 35,the rest is the same

B29-Black mesh bow bracelet-rm50(50%)-Sold, black mesh bow earrings rm32(50%)-Available

B30-BF shirt - Value buy rm10!! Sold

B31-Rhinestone headband-Value buy rm10!
B32-Chain reaction-rm39(50%)Left navy

B33-Chloe-black & navy rm50(50%)

B34-Celine inspired python bag-rm59(50%)

B35-French Connection inspired tropical dress-rm52(50%)Sold out


B37-Bow mesh earrings -rm39(50%)Sold